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With over 2 decades of being a yogi, and many years teaching, Kylie is a dedicated and versatile yoga instructor with trainings in many yoga linages. Her Hatha Yoga and Stretch Movement classes cater for practitioners of various levels. Her teaching style emphasizes a balance between strength, flexibility, and mindfulness, fostering a nurturing environment for students to explore their practice.

Class Offerings:

Hatha Yoga Foundations: Delve into the fundamentals of Hatha Yoga with Kylie's foundational class. This session focuses on alignment, breath work (pranayama), and classic asanas, guiding participants through a series of postures aimed at building strength, flexibility, and inner tranquility. Suitable for beginners and those seeking a refresher on foundational yoga poses.

Hatha Flow - Energize & Restore: Experience the fluidity of movement in this Hatha Flow class where dynamic sequences are intertwined with moments of deep stretching and relaxation. Kylie artfully leads practitioners through a balanced practice, combining vigorous flows with longer holds, allowing participants to energize their bodies and find restoration.

Stretch Movement - Flexibility & Mobility: Join Kylie in this specialized class designed to enhance flexibility and mobility through a series of gentle stretches and movement exercises. Ideal for individuals looking to release tension, improve range of motion, and cultivate greater suppleness in the body.

Kylie believes in creating a supportive and inclusive environment in every class, encouraging students to honor their bodies and explore their practice at their own pace. Each session is thoughtfully crafted to offer a holistic experience, integrating traditional yoga principles with modern insights on movement and well-being.

Benefits of Classes:

  • Enhanced flexibility, strength, and balance

  • Stress reduction and improved mental clarity

  • Increased body awareness and mindfulness

  • Improved posture and overall well-being


Kylie provides variations and modifications throughout classes, ensuring accessibility for practitioners with different abilities and experiences. Students are encouraged to embrace self-exploration, cultivating a deeper connection between mind, body, and breath in every session.

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