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School Kids Meditating

Yoga for primary-aged kids

Bligh Park Community Hall

Weeks 1-2: Introduction to Yoga Basics

The first two weeks will focus on introducing primary-aged kids to the basics of yoga. Sessions will commence with fun and interactive warm-ups to engage their bodies and minds. Fundamental yoga poses will be taught, emphasizing proper form and alignment in an accessible and enjoyable manner. Breathing exercises will be introduced to promote focus and relaxation, laying the foundation for a positive yoga experience.

Weeks 3-4: Themed Yoga Adventures

Building upon the basics, weeks 3-4 will feature themed yoga adventures. Each class will revolve around a different theme, such as exploring the jungle or visiting outer space. Incorporating yoga poses and mindfulness activities related to the theme will not only enhance physical flexibility and coordination but also stimulate creativity and imagination in a playful environment.

Weeks 5-6: Partner and Group Yoga Fun

The last two weeks will introduce partner and group yoga activities. Children will explore poses that involve teamwork and collaboration, fostering social interaction and communication skills. These sessions will emphasize the joy of working together, building trust, and creating a sense of camaraderie among the kids. Partner and group yoga games will add an element of fun and laughter, making the practice enjoyable and memorable.

Throughout the 6-week term:

  • Mindfulness Moments: Each class will incorporate brief mindfulness exercises to help kids develop concentration and self-awareness.

  • Creative Expression: Integrate creative expression into yoga, allowing kids to draw or share their experiences through simple art activities.

  • Reflection Time: Each session will conclude with a short reflection, giving kids the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings, promoting self-awareness.

  • Home Practices: Encourage children to share basic yoga poses and mindfulness techniques with their families, promoting continuity beyond the class.

This 6-week yoga program for primary-aged kids is designed to provide a well-rounded and engaging introduction to yoga. By combining yoga basics, themed adventures, and group activities, the program aims to nurture physical, mental, and social well-being in a playful and supportive environment.

Your guide

Kylie Giacomelli holds an accredited and government approved (NAT) Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga.

Booking a session:

  • 6 week yoga program

    Valid for 6 weeks
    • all equipment included
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