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Yoga Chair with attachable backbender

Yoga Chair with attachable backbender


From studio classes - Great condition - Worth $150 new

The iYoga chair & Benger is a unique combination of yoga chair and backbender. The clip-on backbend extension "Benger" enables the iYoga chair to be used for supported Viparita Dandasana. The combination of chair, backbend attachment, and block has been designed to support the body in an almost identical curve to the well-known Iyengar backbend or whale bench. Benger can also be used alone for supported Matsyasana.

Chair dimensions: 43.5cm wide x 51cm deep x 82.5cm high

Seat off floor: 44cm

Seat dimensions: 39cm (wide) x 41cm deep

Benger dimensions: 18cm wide (padded surface) x 47cm long x 14cm high (on floor)

Colour: Black only

Texture: Hammer metal finish.

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