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Painting Equipments

Galactic Activations

Painting galactic activations involves creating artwork that is inspired by or represents the concept of cosmic energies, celestial bodies, otherworldly dimensions, or spiritual awakenings. These paintings seek to capture the essence of the universe, the cosmos, and the interconnectedness of all things.

Kylie's galactic activation paintings are a form of artistic expression that involves tapping into intuitive or higher energies to receive inspiration and guidance for the client throughout her painting process.

The visual representation can carry layers of meaning and symbolism that may not be immediately apparent to the viewer. It may invite contemplation and exploration, potentially leading to personal insights, transformative experiences or a source of guidance.

These paintings may also include light language, a form of communication that transcends verbal or written language, symbols, sacred geometry or gestures that convey energetic or vibrational information.

Often spirit animals show up within the artwork that can be a catalyst for personal growth and transformation. It encourages self-reflection and self-discovery.

How does it work?

The artist sets a focused intention, which is tied to personal growth or spiritual exploration of the client, infusing the piece with a deliberate purpose.

How do I receive an artwork?

Fill in the form below and we can make a start.

Your guide

Kylie Giacomelli is a transpersonal art therapist and intuitive visionary artist.

Request for Galactic Activated Artwork

This is a personal journey. Once this form is received, a process of voice/text messaging begins until the artist feels they have what is needed to begin the channeling process. 

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