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WholeFood PlantBased Living: Nourish Body & Planet

  • 52Weeks

About the Course

Whole-food plant-based living is a dietary approach centered around whole, minimally processed plant foods. It emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds while minimizing or excluding animal products and heavily processed foods. This lifestyle promotes natural, nutrient-dense options and often leads to improved health outcomes, including reduced risk of chronic diseases. Additionally, it aligns with environmental and ethical considerations, making it a sustainable choice for both personal well-being and the planet. -Introduction to Whole-Food Plant-Based Living -Building a Plant-Based Pantry -Meal Planning and Preparing Balanced Plant-Based Meals -Essential Nutrients in Whole-Food Plant-Based Diets -Healthy Fats and Plant-Based Protein Sources -Whole Grains and Smart Carbohydrate Choices -Practical Cooking Skills and Techniques -Long-Term Success and Building Sustainable Habits -Additional Resources -Meal Plans & Recipes

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