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50hr Pranayama Program

  • 364Days

About the Course

Pranayama is an integral component of yoga. It completes the holistic practice by incorporating breath control, which is fundamental to the yogic philosophy. Pranayama focuses on the regulation and control of prana (life force energy) in the body. Understanding how to manipulate this energy through breathwork enables a yoga teacher to guide students in cultivating greater awareness and mastery over their own life force. Pranayama techniques activate the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels. A yoga teacher with knowledge of pranayama can provide students with powerful tools for managing stress and finding calmness in their daily lives. Pranayama helps forge a deeper connection between the physical body, the breath, and the mind. A yoga teacher who is proficient in pranayama can guide students in exploring this intricate relationship, leading to greater self-awareness and inner balance. Improved Teaching Skills: Knowing how to teach pranayama expands a yoga teacher's repertoire. They can integrate breathwork seamlessly into their classes, enhancing the overall experience for their students. This can lead to more engaging and transformative yoga sessions. - What is Pranayama - Preparation of Pranayama - How to build up your practice - Postures & Mudras - Pranayama Kosha - The Vayu's - Trauma & Pranayama - Combining MFR - 20 pranayama practices - Deepening your practice with the bundha's - Quiz & assignments 

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