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The Four Phases of Women - A Facilitators Course

  • 26Weeks

About the Course

The four phases of the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Maga, Crone) is a fascinating exploration of personal growth, self-discovery, and empowerment. This course is a guide for circle facilitators to use for group work. Week 1-3: Maiden Phase - Embracing Youth and New Beginnings Week 1: Introduction to the Maiden Phase, symbolism, and significance. Week 2: Exploring personal potential, curiosity, and setting intentions. Week 3: Activities for self-discovery and embracing independence. Week 4-6: Mother Phase - Nurturing and Fertility Week 4: Introduction to the Mother Phase, symbolism, and significance. Week 5: Cultivating self-love, nurturing relationships, and embracing abundance. Week 6: Exploring creativity and activities related to fertility and growth. Week 7-9: Maga (Matriarch) Phase - Wisdom and Experience Week 7: Introduction to the Maga Phase, symbolism, and significance. Week 8: Cultivating wisdom, embracing one's life journey, and sharing knowledge. Week 9: Activities for self-reflection and connecting with inner authority. Week 10-12: Crone (Crow) Phase - Transformation and Acceptance Week 10: Introduction to the Crone Phase, symbolism, and significance. Week 11: Embracing change, facing mortality, and finding meaning in later years. Week 12: Activities for introspection, meditation, and embracing the cycle of life and death. You can adapt and modify the course structure based on the specific needs, preferences, and cultural backgrounds of the participants.

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